In this bizarre ‘new normal’, your teams are working from home and communicating remotely. You may have a phased return to the office planned or recently started. You’ve done a lot of work to stay in touch and help those who are struggling; to provide advice on setting up home desks as best as you can, to ensure that everyone stays cohesive, motivated and working together to achieve the business objectives despite adversity.

You want to make sure you’re doing as much as you can for their wellbeing – to look after everyone and to safeguard productivity to ensure the business remains pushing forwards and profitable.

Your current challenges are:

  • Budget – getting spending approved is difficult
  • The ripple effect of challenges to productivity, motivation and engagement
  • Managing the demands on your own time – you have a busy schedule and lots of demands on you
  • The pound cost impact of loss of great talent or challenge in attracting those who can deliver the role or project right first time
  • Maintaining the office culture – without being in an office together
  • Managing workplace wellbeing when you’re not face to face together
  • Adapting to new ways of working, minimising the impact on time and money spent
  • Demonstrating leadership skills when everyone is working from home alone.

What the business can’t afford:

  • Employees losing engagement and motivation – becoming less productive – disrupting teams or culture – costing money rather than making it
  • Loss of great talent that is pivotal to growth and development
  • The cost of increased sick leave
  • Large spends on company health insurance due to desk-based inactivity and illness.

How The Warrior Programme© can help you overcome these challenges:

  • We can motivate and inform your employees, as to how to take care for, and to take personal responsibility for, themselves and their health
  • Reducing sick leave
  • Reducing the ripple effect of disengagement and demotivation amongst the perceived uncertainty
  • Impress your teams with how much you care for their wellbeing and are among those willing to innovate in a difficult time.

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