Our Mission

  • To help individuals see and feel how strong they really are
  • To re-educate individuals in the corporate world, as to what it truly means to care for a body and see it thrive
  • To challenge assumptions around wellbeing. Strength over aesthetics. Real life over bodybuilding. Living not obsessing
  • To change the way the fitness industry works. To have coaches with great work/life balance, no burnout, fairly paid and able to offer their brilliance to clients who need them over many years. To give clients coaching they deserve – treating them as an individual, solving their individual challenges and helping them to see and reach their potential.

Our Values

  • Honour. We do what we say we will, every time. We manage expectations honestly and deliver on promises
  • Team. When you join us, you join our team and we will look after you
  • Independence. We are proud of being a small, independent business.When you support an independent, you support a individual, a family and the redistribution of wealth in a more equitable manner
  • Freedom. In having a body that works for you and you feel connected to, the freedom you have is unbelievable
  • Evolution. Growing and changing with time ensures continued success. Never staying static.