We’re currently searching for the following roles to join our growing team:


We’re inviting in a positive, experienced and enthusiastic coach who is motivated to help change the fitness industry – to focus on strength and performance for ‘normal’ people and not just looks and weight loss!

Our ideal coach is fascinated by the process of learning, always wants to improve and yearns for a supportive environment in which to progress, to feel valued and to feel at home. 

You are a great communicator and enjoy helping clients to understand new concepts and ways to use their bodies. Teaching is a top priority – you want your clients to learn and you’re easily able to get others pumped about what they’re working on. You are able to hold clients accountable compassionately and have a proven track record in ensuring that clients, who are a good fit for you, get results.  

You consider yourself a ‘high achiever’ – you always want to improve and develop. When you find a good thing that helps you achieve your objectives, you have no problem in making a commitment and being consistent. 

Our ideal candidate needs to be, have and be able to do:

  • Able to consistently follow processes and systems, combined with their unique skills and excellence, to create results for clients.
  • Able to confidently retain clients in the long term. 
  • Experience with helping clients with the following considerations: posture challenges, long hours at a desk, aches and pains, lack of confidence in the gym and a lack of body awareness. 
  • Experience with strength-training focused techniques with clients and high level of personal competency.
  • Enjoys communicating with clients and has excellent written communication – including grammar and spelling.
  • An understanding of what it’s like to live a corporate and desk-based life. 
  • Efficient, committed and reliable. 
  • Values and enjoys being organised. 
  • Takes personal responsibility for all they do and is able to bring that into a team environment, where we all support each other. 
  • Be based in, or within sensible commutable distance of, Bristol.

Your day to day responsibilities will include:

  • Coaching clients 
  • Programming for clients
  • Helping clients hold themselves accountable via phone and email
  • Attending team meetings and events 
  • Filling out client progress reports

Our ideal candidate will be excited to make a commitment with a growing business, with the mission to help more people feel powerful and in control of their bodies and themselves. They will be part of a supportive and enthusiastic, game-changing team with opportunities for learning, development and promotion. We attract in motivated, professional clients, with a clean slate upon which you can have lots of positive impact. 

Our Company Core Values are Honour, Responsibility, Passion, Excellence and Commitment, and we are looking for a candidate who fits and embraces these values. 

What we can offer you:

  • A self-employed role – which works just fine alongside your own clients or another job;
  • Be paid well for your coaching and programming – hourly rates begin at £20 and work upwards from there depending on experience, qualifications and the value you can add to us. 
  • The opportunity to work within a like-minded team of coaches, who share your values and ideals, in our private gym in central Bristol;
  • Choose your hours – our expectation for available hours must include one or more of the following as a minimum: one weekday evening 5-8pm, Saturday morning 8-12, one weekday morning 6-9am. Minimum available hours must be 8 per week, to rise from there as we both grow.
  • Zero gym rent (you sort your own insurance and first aid certificate and that’s it);
  • No marketing for clients for you to do – we find the clients and match them with you;
  • Consistency – our clients commit to working with our team for a minimum of six months (except when we occasionally run a special offer) so we offer that consistency of income in return to you. 
  • Opportunities to grow and evolve with us. 

We pride ourselves on being clear and honest communicators and so we love to share also what we’re not looking for: 

  • A Coach whose client base is sparse right now and they’re simply looking for a stop gap until more clients come in;
  • A Coach who isn’t able to follow ways of doing things, and likes everything to be ‘on the fly’;
  • A Coach who is planning on going travelling soon or moving away from Bristol;
  • A Coach who is already juggling a lot of other commitments;
  • A Coach whose main focus is on weight loss and doesn’t have much experience with strength training.

If you love what you’ve read so far and feel excited about the possibility of working with us, we’d love to invite you to make an application for this role. To do so, please kindly email the following to

  • Your CV
  • 3-600 words on why you think you’ll be a great fit for this role
  • 3-600 words on your greatest client success and why this is relevant to the kinds of clients we work with. 

What’s it like to work with us?

I have been working at the Warrior Gym since November 2018 and proudly rep the title of Senior Trainer. Working with such a highly qualified and professional team has been the most rewarding experience. I believe the ethos of this is gym is something you won’t find elsewhere. As a team we thrive on supporting, encouraging and backing our clients as much as if they were one of us, something that is so important. My main passion is to instil confidence in people, I’ve walked the walk myself and live to teach others how to do the same. The team are the most incredibly supportive team to work alongside. It truly is an empowering place to be. Starting your fitness journey can be super intimidating, tough and confusing – and this is where The Warrior Programme is second to none. Amy has built a space that is free of intimidation, full of positivity and a place where we get results. Being part of so many journeys and watching our client’s confidence grow – well, there’s no better feeling!

Meg Corkhill

Working as part of the Warrior Programme Team has been an incredible experience. The private gym’s 2 trainer, 2 client capacity makes training clients a very focused and enjoyable experience. Helping people build confidence and strength with weightlifting is easily done with the positive and supportive atmosphere created by other trainers and clients.

Kes Bradley