We’re currently searching for the following role to join our growing team:


We’re inviting in a positive, experienced and enthusiastic coach who is motivated to help others achieve excellence. Our ideal coach is fascinated by the process of learning, always wants to improve as a coach and yearns for a supportive environment in which to progress and to utilise their skills to their maximum potential. 

They are a great communicator and enjoy helping clients to understand new concepts and ways to use their bodies. Our ideal coach is easily able to get others pumped about what they’re doing and is able to achieve a good balance between understanding a client’s lifestyle and holding them accountable to what they truly want. 

They are never satisfied with where they are – they always want to improve and develop. They’re looking for consistency and the next stage in their game. 

Our ideal candidate needs to be, have and be able to do:

  1. Able to consistently follow processes and systems, combined with their unique skills and excellence, to create results for clients.
  2. A minimum of 1 year’s coaching experience, working with a minimum of 10 clients.
  3. Experience with helping clients with the following considerations: posture challenges, long hours at a desk, aches and pains, lack of confidence in the gym and a lack of body awareness. 
  4. Experience with strength-training focused techniques.
  5. Enjoys communicating with clients and has excellent written communication – including grammar and spelling.
  6. An understanding of what it’s like to live a corporate and desk-based life. 
  7. Efficient, thorough and reliable. 
  8. Values and enjoys being organised. 
  9. Takes personal responsibility for all they do and is able to bring that into a team environment, where we all support each other. 

Our ideal candidate will be excited to be part of a growing business with the mission to help more people feel powerful and in control of their bodies and themselves. They will be part of a supportive and enthusiastic, game-changing team with opportunities for learning, development and promotion. We attract in motivated, professional clients with a clean slate for you to have lots of positive impact. 

Our role is self-employed, with the opportunity to work with clients in our private gym and/or online. Our expectation for available hours must include one or more of the following as a minimum: one weekday evening 5-8pm, Saturday morning 8-12, one weekday morning 6-9am. Minimum contracted hours are 8 per week, to rise from there as we grow our client-base.

To make an application for this role, please kindly email the following to

  • Your CV
  • 3-600 words on why you think you’ll be a great fit for this role
  • 5-10 Client success stories including a testimonial from the client themselves. Please include in these evidence that you are able to work with clients with the challenges outlined above.