We know the solutions –
I have a weird ability of just knowing what’s wrong.

Amy is the Founder & Owner of The Warrior Programme

I left my job as an Account Executive at a global Insurance Broker to set up something where I could grow to a higher level and that I was truly engaged with.

It started as just me, working with clients who were experiencing things I had experienced in the past – high stress, low energy, aches & pains, low motivation, feeling weak and tired. I’ve been there, so I get how it feels. That’s how The Warrior Programme was born.

We’re now in our fifth year, with a team of 5. I opened The Warrior Gym in October 2018, with zero bank investment & zero trust fund – the elbow grease of my family, the team and our wonderful clients – who literally bought some of the kit as a loan. Our success enabled us to pay those clients back within 6 months, and we’re to be taking on a second premises in 2021.

I’m telling you the story of our growth because I know you work in business. Also, you don’t get to grow as we have, without external financing, if you don’t do a good job. We’re here, in this situation, because we do a great job.

We get it, we get where you are and where you want to be. We know the solutions – I have a weird ability of just knowing what’s wrong. Even if a physio, chiropractor, osteopath… has failed to diagnose and treat.

What we do is special and if you want to get stronger, healthier and feel more alive, I’m biased, but I don’t think there is any team better able to help you.

In terms of my own training interests, I love CrossFit, powerlifting and gymnastics and I’m in training for a muscle up.


“I care about your journey both inside and outside the gym.”

Meg is our Team Leader & Senior Coach

I love giving people confidence – whether that’s confidence in themselves to lift a particular weight or perhaps to run a certain distance. I love it when people go from shy and not believing in themselves, to absolutely kicking butt! There is no better feeling that watching that transformation.

I always used to be the shy girl – I’d do everything to avoid having attention focused on me. I was a sedentary, stressed out office worker with loads of aches and pains, frustrated at feeling achy and lethargic. Through my health and fitness journey, my own confidence has transformed and my mission now is to share this journey. I used to feel how you’re feeling now, so I can truly empathise with you.

Listening to what my clients are telling me is my number one rule – it totally dictates the approach I use to get them in the best place possible, both mentally and physically. I care about your journey both inside and outside the gym.

Whatever happens, I make sure everyone smiles, has fun in the process and that they learn to appreciate and celebrate their wins. You can expect me to get really excitable when you hit a personal best or an important milestone!

With the right approach, patience and guidance I can fast-track you to getting some amazing results by taking away the years of trial and error!

“I am fascinated by the power of the body and the mind in harmony.”


Having previously worked for global brands in advertising agencies across London and Europe, I know first-hand how the modern-day rat race of life can take a toll on your physical and mental state. Frustration that you feel there is little time for you, the irritation of ongoing aches, pains and injuries and low self-confidence, when 12-hour days have left you little time for you and your health.

Since leaving that life, I have used my experience of it, and passion for transformation, to help clients with both their physical strength and their mental strength. I take huge pride in not only seeing my clients smash a PB in the gym, but smash enjoying life outside of the gym. Every day moving better, feeling less aches and pains, becoming stronger and more confident whilst loving the journey they are on.  

I am fascinated by the power of the body and the mind in harmony, so I am here to enable you to push yourself, whilst still having fun and being creative, so you can unveil how fricking powerful you are.

Whatever stage you are at in your journey, my approach to every client is individual – finding what works for you and what makes you feel empowered – so both in and outside of our sessions you feel awesome!


“My logical brain enables me to keep things simple, reducing the work that you have to do!”


We’re a highly professional set up. Meet Gemma. Gemma looks after all our client bookings, queries and our systems, which are in place to make life easy for you.

Gemma says: ‘Strength to me is resilience; being able to keep going and knowing that my mind and body will carry me through it. 

Our team is world class because we are transparent and honest. We’re great communicators, which enable us to achieve big things together. We never fall short of encouraging and supporting each other.

No Warrior is just a number, every individual is valued.

I take every day as an opportunity to learn and grow; considering what will help me work the most efficiently (usually spreadsheets!)

My logical brain enables me to keep things simple, reducing the work that you have to do!’

We know you’ve got a lot to do, you’re stressed and you don’t need extra jobs or admin. So we do it for you.

You like a tight ship. We are one.

Ready to be your strongest self?

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