2020 was a hard year for motivation. Motivation took a serious holiday. Unlike any of us!

We were stuck at home, feeling like all we had to do was work.

We sat down for longer than we ever had before.

We worked longer hours than we ever have before, probably for less reward!!

As a result, you may feel like:

·      You’ve put on some weight;

·      You’re not as fit as you used to be;

·      You’re not as motivated as you want to be;

·      You don’t want 2021 to go the same way as 2020.

You’re not happy with things the way they are, so let’s change them! 

We’re here to help you with that, by sharing one video per week of a quick 10-15 minute training session. You can switch off Zoom, check in once a day on weekdays for said 10-15 minutes.

·       Burn fat

·       Get stronger

·       Get fitter

·       Get your motivation for training back

·       Take control of where you’re at – regardless of whether gyms are open.

Are you with us? Let’s go!

We’re here to get motivated (it doesn’t matter that gyms are shut, your desires are still here and so are your goals) and to learn new skills.

Today, I am teaching you how to do a pistol squat. An absolute FUNDAMENTAL for anyone who sits at a desk, runs or really, has legs! 

Variations for everyone – to lead into a challenge tomorrow.

Set goals, achieve them, go bigger. Take control. It doesn’t matter that the gyms are shut.

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