I want to talk to you today about your environment and how that affects the results of any experience you’re having, including work, personal life and training.

Your environment directly impacts the results you get in return for your effort.

We posted a video of our team meeting where our team member was able to get a personal best. This wasn’t intentional or arranged and was achieved through our team members bringing positive energy, support and encouragement into our meetings. You don’t get that in many offices.

The energy that surrounds you and your training directly impacts the results that you get.

Thinking back to an experience in a gym; you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t feel like you fit in with people around you, it’s really ‘bro’ and ‘liftey’. As a result, you don’t push yourself, try new things and you do not push yourself to progress.

That is a practical example of how the energy around you impacts the results you get, whether that energy pushes you forward, matches you or brings you back.

Another example is if you go for a drink with friends, when everyone in the room is in a low mood, complaining, being negative, feeling stuck, and feeling that things are out of their control. That energy will rub off onto you and make you feel the same, this will impact your progress.

They say we are the sum average of the 5/6 people we spend the most time with, this may be at work, our friendship groups or training. Do you want to be the sum of those people? Are they where you want to be? Do they project an energy which makes you feel like they are increasing themselves?