We all know the ‘fact’ that once you get past 30 it gets harder to maintain muscle. The facts on paper are that in our 40’s and 50’s we start to lose muscle. Our body finds it harder to retain muscle due to it being an expensive tissue to have because it takes a lot of effort from your body.

It is undeniably important that you are weight training, to maintain the muscle that you’ve got and retain it.

It is completely possible to build muscle in your 40’s and 50’s, which means that you need to be doing weight training at least once a week in a place that has knowledge and knows the form that you need to correspond to and can respond to your challenges.

Doing that weight training consistently will enable you to retain the muscle which means you will have a better metabolism. You’re protecting your bones and joints with the more muscle you carry in a healthy way. Weight training improves your bone density in your 40’s and 50’s.

This will help you age with:

  • Better posture
  • Strong bones
  • Less aches and pains
  • Feeling great about yourself

We don’t buy in to the idea that as you get older, you can’t get to where you want to be because of that ‘fact’.