Our bum muscles are arguably one of our most important muscle groups; they’re the biggest group and the ones that are almost always not working the way they should. Every minute we’re sat on them, our bum muscles are going to sleep and when we stand back up, they don’t necessarily kick back into action.

Why should you care about this? Sleepy bum muscles have a huge impact on:

  • Posture
  • Back pain
  • The results you get out of any exercise you do
  • Ageing well, without pain or injury

Bum muscles working = great posture, feeling comfortable, in control, getting good results from your exercise routine (when combined with other factors), hugely reduced aches and pains and risk of injury.

Bum muscles not working = injury is only a matter of time, as are aches & pains. Your posture won’t be good and you won’t feel comfortable or in control of your body.

It’s not difficult to turn them back on when you know what you’re doing, you have the right knowledge and accountability to enable you to be consistent.

You will be able to sit more comfortably, without aches and pains and feel good about yourself.