We’ve all been at the desk and when it gets to 3 or 4pm we’re starting to hunch over. We start to feel it in our back, neck and shoulders. We think about changing our posture but that thought isn’t good enough.

Why shouldn’t you ignore it?

Having that posture and noticing it, may mean that we’re further down the line that we like to think.

Once we are noticing the discomfort that accompanies our posture, whether that may be an ache, pain or discomfort. It’s a warning sign from your body telling you that something is not right.

Something about the way that you’re moving, treating or body or engaging your body is not right. You can either address this or ignore it. Pain is not something that you should just put up with, something you should learn to ignore or is normal. Neither is poor posture.

Your body is giving you messages, it’s trying to reach you and you can guarantee that, if you don’t address it, your body will gift you an obstacle that you are not able to ignore, aka a bigger problem.