There’s no time like the present, it isn’t going to get any easier the longer you leave it.

When we get this burst of energy and desire to do something and make a change, the energy is powerful and riding that wave of decision is better, more efficient and easier than nearly doing each time and then even consider going and doing it again. I’m calling this the law of quick action.

Change is scary.

If you’re scared, anxious, intimidated or worried about doing something different, you’re not alone. You’re human and we’ve all felt it. Especially those of us who have done that thing because if you see someone and assume it must have been easy for them, they have gone through those barriers that you’re facing now. It gets easier each time; we are wonderful at charging through those boundaries because we’ve done it time and time again.

The time is not when you have the money set aside, when you have the time or when it’s easy. When the change is easy, you wont value it as much or go after it with as much guts as you have in that high energy moment that you decide you need a change.

The time is now. You’re important, what you want is important.

Every time you decide to better yourself and improve your situation, you improve the lives of everyone around you. Surely that’s worth it.