This is for those of you that set their sights on a goal and go hell for leather to achieve it, nothing will get in the way, you’re very focused and have high expectations for yourself and possibly others. I sit with you as a recovering perfectionist and control enthusiast!

The wins are that we get stuff done, achieve big things, we push ourselves harder and therefore get further than many other people do.

The challenges are that we find work-life balance really hard and find ourselves experiencing burn out. Burn out is when we’re tired, can’t perform and life loses its zing!

In order to balance the wins and challenges as a goal-oriented person, we need to get familiar with our body and learn to work with it, rather than against it.

Looking at our body as that limiting factor, what can you do to up the threshold of your limits?

As you build strength, flexibility and fitness everything gets better for you because your threshold for starting to struggle gets higher. You become mentally healthier as well as physically, you can sustain more and put up with more which enables you to achieve consistently.

Here’s what we know about you:

  • You work hard; long hours
  • You’ve driven to achieve big things – for yourself, for your family – to always do your best
  • You struggle to find the time or motivation to look after yourself
  • You feel guilty spending time on you
  • You find it hard to switch off
  • You don’t sleep that well
  • You don’t always have the amount of energy you want
  • You’re concerned you’re not as strong/ fit/ flexible as you used to be or could be
  • Your posture isn’t great
  • You get aches and pains quite regularly.