When you feel tired, you think ‘I’m going to push on’. When your back’s aching, you don’t get up because you have a lot to do and therefore, you focus on doing that thing. The body’s demanding that you need a drink, you might need the loo, they can feel like they’re really distracting and it’s annoying.

At that same time, you and your body end up pulling two different ways, which means you’re splitting yourself in two and therefore not able to achieve all the things that you could achieve if those two forces (the mind and the body) were aligned.

I wanted to pose the idea of redesigning your body to thrive; redesigning your body to not be a pain in the ass and not to make you feel tired, sluggish, drained at three o’clock on a workday or every Friday evening. You get in and you’re feeling exhausted and then you lose all that time because the demands of the body haven’t been there.

But what if you could redesign, the way that your body works and the way that you work with your body. Therefore, you don’t reach Friday afternoon, feeling completely fucked. You don’t have to think about wriggling in your chair when things are getting achy and towards the middle or the end of the day.

You can have a body that doesn’t feel like that, that is completely possible. How much would it add to your life if you had a body that worked in line with what you wanted, rather than against it?