When many of our clients come to us, they’re noticing the amount that they’re drinking to relax is creeping up. They’re feeling a bit less control with it and the impact it may be having on their waistline. They don’t jump out of bed in the morning and they don’t feel like they have enough energy, or as much as they’d like. There are at least 1-2 hours a day which they know they could be using better.

How and why could booze be affecting their productivity?

NB: We are NOT about to tell you not to drink. Simply to make you aware of some actions you can take to manage how you feel.

You are in control of the choices you make, as far as we’re concerned. We are here if you’re experiencing something you’re not happy with and want that to change.

Whether that’s

A creeping waistline

Barely any energy from 3pm onwards

Eating & drinking primarily for convenience

We’re here for you to resolve this challenge. That’s all it is – a challenge which you are yet to learn the solution for. It’s not the way things have to be or an inevitable consequence of x.

Let us help you take control.