We’re talking about weights today: we’re big fans of weight training. We feel that weight training is non negotiable if you want to be a human that thrives, performs, has a fun life and achieves your goals.

Weight training is a non-negotiable part of my schedule because of the benefits that it transfers into our everyday life, it enables us to move in a way that we should as a human.

  • We don’t have daily aches and pains
  • Our posture is good
  • We can work at a desk in the way a normal body can’t
  • We can take on challenges at the drop of a hat
  • We’re confident in our bodies and abilities

Weight training is essential, not for body building but to enable yourself to move in a way that’s natural for you as a human.

Many of us have forgotten our natural movement patterns as humans throughout life. Relearning how to move is crucial for our quality of life, mental health, confidence and physical health. Not to mention that lifting weights is fun!

It often puts us out of our comfort zone, and we prove to ourselves undeniably that we are bigger than we have ever been before. We can do things that are scary, crazy, big that we never thought we could do.

Doing that in the gym changes the way that you see yourself outside of the gym. It changes the way you define and feel about yourself. Reclaim that individual identity. It will unlock the energy, happiness and zest for life that you may be missing.