The feeling you get when you’ve got more jobs to do at work and you know that your family want you to be at home. You go and do something you love, and you get the guilt that you should be working or at home with your family.

How is this guilt helping us?

Sometimes it can help push us to get things done but longer term, if we keep responding to this guilt, we are not looking after ourselves and will not enable us to achieve our goals.

The common denominator between everything that we want is ourselves and our body, so if we’re not making the care of those two things a priority then we can expect other things to fall apart as a result.

How can we reinvigorate that thought process and start to feel guilty about not investing time in ourselves instead?
You can only give what you’ve got, if you’re not at 100% then you’re not able to give that in other areas of your life.

This guilt for not looking after yourself, will enable you to motivate yourself, have a fire in yourself for your own needs and desires and take action as if you are as important as your work and family. Because you are. That’s what we believe.

We’re here for you as individuals who believe you are so deeply important. You are valid and worthwhile of all investment whether that be time, money or effort and we would love for some of that to rub off on how you feel about yourself.