A lot of us found working out at home over lockdown really hard. A different environment, more interruptions, less ‘setting up’ of one space for a particular task or experience.

  • The gym = exercise
  • The office = work
  • Home = family
  • We lost that fixed denomination.

How do we find that when most our activities are based at home and why is it important in terms of impacting how productive we are and the results we create?

Lockdown perhaps enhanced for us the value of creating a space and making it fit for purpose. It’s also about the energy, systems and mood in the place, to ensure you create what you intended when you go there – a work result or a personal goal.

In order to make the lifestyle changes you want to make, and see the results you want, you need to surround yourself with people who are already in that mindset, who already have and live what you want. They can help fasttrack you to that place and ensure absolutely that you get there. Do you really want to waste any more time?