If you’re anything like the clients we work with, when they first come to us, you are rolling out of bed and eating a breakfast that you are not particularly enthusiastic about (it’s just the habitual cereal and/or toast) and getting straight on your emails. Especially now that many of us are still working from home.

This is just something everyone does, right?

But, what if there was a way to have a better morning, to be more productive, to enjoy it more and feel good about yourself and what you’ve achieved? Without it taking hours or feeling weird or excessive?

This is what we’d like to help you with today:

What does this morning routine look like for you? In short, doing what enables you to feel your best and the most powerful.

This may include:

  • Having a cup of tea or coffee and actually ‘drinking it’, rather than just downing it alongside emails
  • Doing 10 minutes of stretching or yoga, before you turn the laptop on.
  • Doing zero jobs or chores before 9am
  • Reading for 15 minutes – something for self-development, or something you simply enjoy.

Anything that enables you to ground and centre yourself, before you face other peoples’ demands.

When we don’t feel productive and motivated, it is often because our needs aren’t being met, and meeting those needs is a duty that you owe to yourself.