Are You Strong Enough To Survive a Crisis?

When referring to a crisis, I mean a dangerous action movie type of crisis.

If a tsunami hits or a car is coming, are you strong enough to survive?

Will you be strong enough mentally and physically?

There is a film about a tsunami where the main character is hanging off the edge of a car park by his fingertips whilst holding his children. During the scene, he must pull himself and the weight of his child that would probably be around 15kg to survive, I often question whether I would be able to do this.

It is important for me to be able to protect the people in my bubble. Would I be able to  move the weight of an adult, carry two children and save not only myself but potentially other people as well?

I know that my training contributes to preparing for this, being strong can mean life or death in a crisis. The training investment that you put in is invaluable, knowing that you would be able to survive.

It’s about setting those standards for yourself. What do you want to get out of your training?

Do you want to be able to lift an adult’s body weight or be able to save someone in a crisis?