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Every session will be fun and different, with your goals, agreed together with your coach, as the absolute focus.

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We’re a team of people working to develop themselves to reach their potential. You belong with us.

You won’t feel intimidated

We’re not like other gyms. No machismo or bravado. Normal people getting serious results.

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Here’s what we know about you:
  • You work hard; long hours.
  • You’re driven to achieve big things – for yourself, for your family – to always do your best.
  • You struggle to find the time or motivation to look after yourself.
  • You feel guilty spending time on you.
  • You find it hard to switch off.
  • You don’t sleep that well.
  • You don’t always have the amount of energy you want.
  • You’re concerned you’re not as strong/ fit/ flexible as you used to be or could be.
  • Your posture isn’t great.
  • You get aches and pains quite regularly.
  • You can’t touch your toes.
  • You want to eat healthily, but do not want to count calories and your job normally involves socialising.
Here’s What We Know About You



Andrew Brown

Andrew is a senior member of the team in a global brokerage, with lots of travelling and little time to himself.

He wanted to feel fitter and get stronger, in preparation for some new challenges on his bike in the coming year.

Andrew had experienced back pain and struggled with having poor posture.

Through working with us, Andrew has:

  • Improved his posture – feeling more confident
  • Strengthened his core and glutes to protect and support his back = no more back pain
  • Lifted 125kg from the floor
  • Performed 5 continuous pull ups

Andrew says “I can’t remember ever feeling this strong and motivated to get stronger.”

Jay Harvey

Jay is a partner in a global professional services firm. He’d started to notice that he wasn’t quite as lean as he used to be and an increasingly busy job meant that he wasn’t as mobile either. Jay had started running and wanted to become stronger and more flexible. He knew his desk job wasn’t doing him any good and wanted to improve his posture too. He didn’t feel like he fitted in to the ‘macho’ environment that most gyms present.

Through working with us, Jay has:

  • Improved his posture – working through a lot of the ways that a desk can damage your body
  • Improved his flexibility to the best it ever has been
  • Got stronger – lifted 80kg x8 off the floor, achieved 3 continued chin ups, a 65kg bench press and tricep dips on the Olympic rings.
  • Got faster running – including a 19:10 minute 5k PB and achieving his goals of running a sub-40 10k and a sub-90.

Zoe Sear

“I feel fitter and stronger than I have in years, I’ve more energy and my aches and pains are a thing of the past.

As a 45 year old professional, it was over 10 years since I had set foot in a gym. I had spent several stressful years in a high pressure job living on caffeine, sugar and alcohol, and I had no clue where to start in terms of improving my health and fitness.

Amy and her team are genuinely passionate about helping people be their best, and the emphasis is on being strong and healthy.

These are real people, who understand real life.”

Jamie Pheasant

Jamie works a busy self employed office job where spare time is scarce, especially with a young family at home too. He came to us wanting to learn to lift weights to compliment his running performance as well as maximise his health.

Through working with us, Jamie has:

  • Strengthened his core
  • Fixed previous niggles in his hip
  • Hit his first goal of deadlift 100kg inside his first 6 months and well on the way to bench pressing his own bodyweight

Jamie says, I wanted somewhere I could learn to strength train properly with a focus on functional movement to maximise health and performance. The Warrior Gym ticks all the boxes several times over. Training sessions with Meg are a highlight of my week. Always fun, always challenging and so much variation in the movement patterns we work on to open my eyes to future possibilities.”